Accomodation & Hotels

For those that need a nap and don't stay at a hotel we will have a large, separate sleeping area. Please note, that it is still located inside the main hall, so it won't be extraordinarily silent. Be sure to bring along earplugs or get some at the infodesk.

Camping is not allowed anywhere on and around the party location including, of course, the inside of the party hall. We are sorry about that, but this rule was not set up by ourselves but by the location owners and the city of Saarbrücken.


Don't feel like sleeping in the main hall during the party? Then a hotel is probably the right place for you to stay.

Like in previous years we will arrange discounts for a range of hotels. Stay tuned for more information.

Getting there from the partyplace

The hotels are not near the partyplace, but you can use public transport to travel between them and the partyplace. Schedules are available here. The buses run from early in the morning until around midnight. One trip costs about 2.50 EUR, day tickets are available for 5.50 EUR, group day tickets (up to 5 persons) for 10.00 EUR.

We will offer you again our Revision night shuttle, that will bring you to your hotel during nights, when no regular busses run anymore.

At A Glance

Revision 2018
March 30th to April 2nd
Saarbrücken, Germany

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