Why be a sponsor?

So, why would you want to become our partner? Let us give you a small overview why an engagement in Revision definitely pays off for you and your company!

In the demoscene, nearly everything is about passion. Passion for computer art, making demos, composing music, creating graphics, organizing events (like Revision :-)) and of course meeting other passionate people!

Bringing together passionate people seems like an awesome idea to us. And because you're of course not a boring company with boring people in it but an awesome company with passionate people in it, Revision is simply the right place to get in touch with great people, unconventional concepts and unchained creativity! No matter whether you "just" want to experience four refreshingly exciting days and support an awesome scene or whether you plan to dive into business related stuff by hooking up with people that might wanna help you to dig out the next great product, software, hardware, thing .... you name it - either way: It's all there at Revision!

Nowhere else you have the possibility to get in touch with so many motivated and highly skilled people which love to push both technical as well as artistic limits with their productions. That's why many of our participants work on important positions in the games-, software- and hardware-industry, where creative potential and technical skills are of significant importance.
Besides young technophile people you can also meet many experienced developers and decision makers from different IT sectors at Revision.

Last but not least - you and your colleagues will LOVE that special atmosphere only Revision can produce - guaranteed! Did you ever dream to approach promotion in a totally different manner? With new concepts, hot stuff and especially without the fear that people (or your boss) might be scared away? Then we definitely should get in touch - those awesome demoscene folks at Revision not only love unconventional approaches to basically everything - they demand it!

Still unsure? Then, just contact us! We're more than happy to explain you all the details and possibilities and of course what we can offer you in order to bring you and your business together with the right people!

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Need some help or more information concerning a partnership? Please get in touch with us. We're more than happy to supply you all the information you need and of course also custom tailored sponsoring options for you and your business.

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Mr. Andreas Schilling