Airport Shuttles

We expect to be able to again provide several shuttles for Frankfurt (FRA), Hahn (HHN) and perhaps even Luxembourg (LUX). The prices will be around 25.- EUR +/-. For other airports (e.g. Saarbrücken) we won't offer shuttles as the public transport covers those quite fine and too few visitors arrive there.
The usual disclaimer is, that we can not guarantee, that there will be a shuttle for exactly your flight, but the experience of the last years clearly shows that you can be quite sure, if you're not having extremely strange flight connections. 
In order to register for a shuttle, please first read the next two sections completely.

Registration Deadline

The registration deadline is on Friday, the 2nd of March 2018. At that day we will close the registration system and do the final planning of the bus sizes. While doing that we will perform an optimal distribution of travelers onto the busses. We will not consider any additional places in our planning. So after the deadline is over, a registration is only possible if you're in luck that there are places left in a bus. In order to get one of these you have to contact us via our hotline. We will not adjust bus sizes after the deadline.

Registration Process

Be sure to read this completely before registering for the airport shuttles.
  1. Arrival at the partyplace is not possible before Friday.
  1. A registration does not guarantee, that you will get a seat or that there will be an airport shuttle going from your airport at all. We will only provide shuttles if enough visitors arrive around the same time at the same airport and if the price will be competitive in comparison to standard public transport like buses or trains (which it usually is, so no worries).
  1. Until confirmation, the listed prices are only approximations, it is not guaranteed that we can provide shuttles at these prices or shuttles at all!
  1. Once registered, we will assign shuttles at a later point. Please note that there will most probably be waiting time between your arrival (or departure) and the bus departure (or arrival)! We, however, will try to set up shuttles in an optimized way, so that the gaps are as small as possible for everyone!
  1. If you and other visitors travel together you can (and should) register for whole groups. Therefore the registration form offers you the possibility to add the number of persons. Make sure before registering, that everyone in the group of travelers knows that you will register for them to avoid double registrations! If your group is not the same for either way (for example 2 persons of a 5 person group will stay in Germany for holidays after the party and thus don't return with the same flight as the others), you can set the number of persons to be different for individual directions. It is also possible to leave either of them (travel to/travel from) empty, but not both.
  1. Please provide a valid e-mail address with a mailbox that's not full ;-). Do not obfuscate the address! We need it to send you the confirmation and information e-mails when we assign shuttles! The address will not be shown to the public and not be used for any other purpose than to manage the shuttles.
  1. Bugging us will not make anything faster :-)
  1. If your plans or flight times change, it's essential that you inform us about it by writing to Please provide your handle, flight number and the necessary changes to your registration. If you do not inform us of changes, chances are high, that not enough seats will be available or your fellow travelers might pay more than advertised. Or you won't have a matching shuttle connection at all.
  1. If you have any questions about the registration process, contact us via our hotline before filling and submitting the form.

Image WITH shuttle bus assigned

Handle / Group Persons Airport Flight time Bus no. & departure
Arnaud Storq1FRA2018-03-30 08:20FRA111:00
branch1FRA2018-03-30 09:20FRA111:00
cce1FRA2018-03-30 09:20FRA111:00
Cryptic1FRA2018-03-30 08:15FRA111:00
David Kaminski AKA Rahow1FRA2018-03-30 09:45FRA111:00
David Sena1FRA2018-03-30 09:40FRA111:00
Hoffman3FRA2018-03-30 09:40FRA111:00
Nathan Egge2FRA2018-03-30 05:55FRA111:00
shash1FRA2018-03-30 08:45FRA111:00
Soeren Sonnenburg1FRA2018-03-30 07:55FRA111:00
Thomas Hooper1FRA2018-03-30 09:40FRA111:00
winden3FRA2018-03-30 10:10FRA111:00
Amandine Coget1FRA2018-03-30 11:15FRA213:45
Anton Lyxell2FRA2018-03-30 12:15FRA213:45
darklon1FRA2018-03-30 11:15FRA213:45
Paralax / Speckdrumm1FRA2018-03-30 12:35FRA213:45
provod1FRA2018-03-30 10:20FRA213:45
Rafael Pérez aka JamQue7FRA2018-03-30 12:40FRA213:45
stiaje/Ninjadev2FRA2018-03-30 11:20FRA213:45
Velo1FRA2018-03-30 11:15FRA213:45
Weyland1FRA2018-03-30 11:15FRA213:45
GRX / PandaCube1FRA2018-03-30 15:30FRA317:30
Mr.Acryl2FRA2018-03-30 16:15FRA317:30
peter2FRA2018-03-30 13:45FRA317:30
Stephen Hawes1FRA2018-03-30 15:30FRA317:30
Subi2FRA2018-03-30 14:15FRA317:30
yx1FRA2018-03-30 14:15FRA317:30
Zer0-X1FRA2018-03-30 15:20FRA317:30
DJ Joge1FRA2018-03-30 18:35FRA419:45
dodke1FRA2018-03-30 17:50FRA419:45
fatsopanda1FRA2018-03-30 18:35FRA419:45
Kalms/TBL2FRA2018-03-30 16:50FRA419:45
noby1FRA2018-03-30 18:35FRA419:45
Polynomial1FRA2018-03-30 17:50FRA419:45
ps1FRA2018-03-30 18:40FRA419:45
pyksy1FRA2018-03-30 18:35FRA419:45
skyfox2FRA2018-03-30 18:35FRA419:45
Terwiz2FRA2018-03-30 18:35FRA419:45
visy1FRA2018-03-30 18:35FRA419:45
WAHa.06x36 / SVatG1FRA2018-03-30 18:35FRA419:45
zk1FRA2018-03-30 18:35FRA419:45
Psycho / Loonies4LUX2018-03-30 10:25LUX111:30

Image WITH shuttle bus assigned

Handle / Group Persons Airport Flight time Bus no. & departure
Amandine Coget1FRA2018-04-02 19:50FRA1013:00
Anton Lyxell2FRA2018-04-02 17:35FRA1013:00
Antti Lepistö1FRA2018-04-02 19:25FRA1013:00
Arnaud Storq1FRA2018-04-02 22:00FRA1013:00
Black Dot2FRA2018-04-02 21:10FRA1013:00
branch1FRA2018-04-02 19:25FRA1013:00
cce1FRA2018-04-02 19:25FRA1013:00
Christian Tverås1FRA2018-04-02 20:30FRA1013:00
Chucky/The Gang3FRA2018-04-02 19:00FRA1013:00
Cryptic1FRA2018-04-02 21:35FRA1013:00
darklon1FRA2018-04-02 17:35FRA1013:00
David Sena1FRA2018-04-02 17:20FRA1013:00
DJ Joge1FRA2018-04-02 23:00FRA1013:00
dodke1FRA2018-04-02 17:20FRA1013:00
fgenesis, Bhoren2FRA2018-04-02 16:00FRA1013:00
H71FRA2018-04-02 19:30FRA1013:00
Hoffman3FRA2018-04-02 19:30FRA1013:00
Kalms/TBL2FRA2018-04-02 17:35FRA1013:00
Mr.Acryl2FRA2018-04-02 16:50FRA1013:00
Nathan Egge2FRA2018-04-02 23:00FRA1013:00
Paralax / Speckdrumm1FRA2018-04-02 17:50FRA1013:00
peter2FRA2018-04-02 17:20FRA1013:00
Peter Fastbom3FRA2018-04-02 19:50FRA1013:00
Polynomial1FRA2018-04-02 17:20FRA1013:00
provod1FRA2018-04-02 22:25FRA1013:00
Radiant4FRA2018-04-02 17:35FRA1013:00
Rafael Pérez aka JamQue7FRA2018-04-02 21:05FRA1013:00
shash1FRA2018-04-02 17:25FRA1013:00
Sigveseb / Ninjadev3FRA2018-04-02 20:30FRA1013:00
Soeren Sonnenburg1FRA2018-04-02 19:10FRA1013:00
Stephen Hawes1FRA2018-04-02 20:30FRA1013:00
stiaje/Ninjadev2FRA2018-04-02 20:30FRA1013:00
Stoneman1FRA2018-04-02 19:25FRA1013:00
Subi2FRA2018-04-02 22:15FRA1013:00
Teemu1FRA2018-04-02 19:25FRA1013:00
Thomas Hooper1FRA2018-04-02 17:20FRA1013:00
Velo1FRA2018-04-02 17:35FRA1013:00
visy1FRA2018-04-02 19:25FRA1013:00
Weyland1FRA2018-04-02 19:50FRA1013:00
winden3FRA2018-04-02 23:00FRA1013:00
yx1FRA2018-04-02 16:50FRA1013:00
zk1FRA2018-04-02 19:25FRA1013:00
Christian Oligschläger aka Puryx2LUX2018-04-02 18:00LUX1015:00
Psycho / Loonies4LUX2018-04-02 18:00LUX1015:00

Confirmed shuttle buses from Image

Bus no. Airport Seats Taken Free Bus departure Duration Price (€)
FRA1Frankfurt/Main (FRA)181712018-03-30 11:002h0m30 €
FRA2Frankfurt/Main (FRA)181712018-03-30 13:452h0m30 €
FRA3Frankfurt/Main (FRA)181082018-03-30 17:302h0m30 €
FRA4Frankfurt/Main (FRA)181622018-03-30 19:452h0m30 €
LUX1Luxembourg (LUX)8442018-03-30 11:301h15m30 €

Confirmed shuttle buses from Image

Bus no. Airport Seats Taken Free Bus departure Duration Price (€)
FRA10Frankfurt/Main (FRA)707002018-04-02 13:002h0m30 €
LUX10Luxembourg (LUX)8622018-04-02 15:001h15m30 €

Shuttle registration is closed

The airport shuttle registration is closed.
Questions or problems? Please contact our hotline.

Airport Information

We compiled all shuttle departures and pickup locations into a nice PDF for you

Frankfurt/Main (FRA) shuttles
Luxembourg (LUX) shuttles